Welcome to KC Atletico Soccer Club Kansas State Champs!
Welcome to KC Atletico Soccer ClubKansas State Champs!





This is the intention of KC Atletico Soccer Club to present this information as a guideline. The following commitments and expectations are not to account for every unacceptable behavior. KC Atletico Soccer club consider the spirit as well as the documentation of the incident when addressing any transgressions. 

  • I understand that my actions, good and bad reflect directly on myself but also the team, KC Atletico 
  • A team and club reputation is built on behavior, courtesy, sportsmanship and playing ability 
  • I will exhibit proper behavior, fair play, respect and sportsmanship toward all parties at every practice, game, tournament or at any related events. I will also encourage this behavior from my teammates, coaches, officials, parents and supporters.
  • I will make a person commitment to achieve academic success in the classroom to the best of my abilities
  • I will not engage in physical or verbal confrontations with players, coaches, officials, or fans before, during or after practices and games
  • I will not guest play for another club without permission from the Head Coach
  • I will be humble, generous and gracious in victory; courteous and dignified in defeat
  • I will be on time to attend all practice and game
  • I will wear my uniform in a proper and complete fashion
  • I will participate with focus and commitment at all practices and games
  • I will inform my coaches of any injury
  • I will never leave practice or game without permission from my coach
  • I will practice on my own
  • I will abide by the “FIFA Rules of the Game” and the rules, policies and procedures of KC Atletico Soccer Club, Heartland Soccer Association, and any corresponding tournament
  • Understand the amount of playing time received in game will be based on skills, punctuality, and attitude and practice/game performance. 
  • I will never use a controlled substance (drugs), tobacco products or drink alcoholic beverages for recreational purposes. Proven substance use and/or possession are cause for immediate dismissal from KC Atletico Soccer Club.
  • I will approach the coaching staff first regarding any soccer related concerns or questions

I have read and fully understand the KC Atletico Soccer Club PLAYER COMMITMENT AND EXPECTATIONS as it pertains to my participation in KC Atletico Soccer Club.





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